Saturday, July 25, 2009

I love reading the daily horoscopes...

Because they come true for me!

See this?

Now imagine it in red.

Ford Fiesta LX 2005
3D Hatchback
1.6L Engine
Automatic transmission

Yes it's 2nd hand. :)

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Thursday, July 23, 2009

HKBhjbf wu978 37! OMG it looks epic!!!


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Monday, July 20, 2009

My epic nails of fail.

Oh right. So I go climbing in caves with 10 perfectly manicured nails and come back out with 10 STILL perfectly manicured nails.

But I can't even peel a potato properly without chipping one of them?

Geez Judith.

I am such a girl some times.

School is going great!! 1 week down, 9 more to go.
Really should stop trying to bring work home to do though, because I never do it. =__=

Maybe I should go in extra early to do work in school. Somehow I work better there, without the distractions of the internet, anime, manga and food.

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Monday, May 11, 2009

ILU Mum.

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Friday, February 20, 2009

I am not one for taking compliments.

I met 6 of my students' parents yesterday at the first parent-teacher barbecues...
One of which turns out to be my colleague.

He rocked up to me, shook my hand and said, "Judith, I've heard many things about you."
"Huh? What things?" I replied.
"Ohh, lots and lots of good things. Like how you are such an awesome Mandarin teacher."
At this point I start fumbling and stammering and go, "What? Who's been saying that?"

That's when I found out that his daughter's in one of my Mandarin classes, and after every lesson she goes home and raves on and on about how awesome I am, and how my classes are so fun!


And then the other day, I had my first supervision of the year! WOOHOO. I had to supervise another teacher's class due to her going away on an excursion. I had just opened the lab door for the kids to come in, and I hear, "Oh wow, we've got the pretty teacher today!"

I'm telling you, I have NEVER been so embarrassed in my entire life. Oh my gosh.

*blushes like mad*

Finally! To hear the most awesome compliment EVER from the PRINCIPAL herself!!!
Helen walked into our LOTE staffroom today just as I was stepping out, exchanged our hellos and I run off to class.
Later during lunch, I was speaking to Rebekah, (who had a spare lesson previously and managed to speak to Helen), and she told me that Helen and her had an interesting conversation about me!

Helen: "We're so lucky to have found Judith, the kids absolutely LOVE her. They're going on and on about how awesome she is!"
Rebekah: "I know! Isn't she just lovely?"
Helen: "Yes! And the fact that she's doing Mandarin as well! The kids are enjoying it so much!"

*has died and gone to heaven*

I love Corinda to bits.
I really really hope I can continue on there next year.
Or better yet, get permanent.

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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy V-day/Single Awareness Day!

I just realised that in my social circle of uni friends (namely Jelly, Suguru, Mena, Jonathan, Goh, Griffith and Kenneth), I am the only one that's single. xD

I got roses from some of my students yesterday.
Only 5, not as many as some students who got up to 10+. Haha, they're popular.

Had dinner with the guys and girls who mercilessly teased me about my new job. LOL.
Something about how I should put Sex in front of my name tag to make it Sex Teacher. WTH?!
Or bring a whip to school to whip the kids into submission.
Of course, Goh was the one that suggested them, dirty minded as he is. xD

But otherwise, everyone had a gripe about me teaching Mandarin. LOL!
And I definitely had a blast showing off my new status. 8D
It's magnetic, which I think is damn smart, and that means no holes in clothes either! <3

Was a great dinner though, went to Lafka's Tavern down at West End, it was a nice cozy Greek restaurant with great service! Everyone was saying how I ought to have shouted out for dinner seeing I had gotten my first paycheck. LOL. I did pay for the entree ($25+) in the end though. Haha... And now I have 2 $200 notes in my wallet from everyone paying me in big notes. w00tzors.

In all, it was nice seeing everyone together again, and funny how the simplest of chocolate exchanges could be screwed up by one piece of paper. LOL.
Griffith was bugging me about another cosplay photoshoot.
Jelly wants to tag along. Mena wants to come over to my place.
Goh just wants to come bum over at the house and save on parking. LMAO.
Suguru just wants to come over and annoy the shit out of Joey.

Oh god. My friends are hilarious. Makes me miss Karin. T____T (MUST FLY OVER TO HONG KONG ONE DAY TO VISIT!!! I miss Kiki too. >A<)

So what did everyone do today? I was meant to go swimming with Jelly today but it was raining cats and dogs and I had really wanted to get a new tan. D=
In the end I bummed around at home playing TWEWY and drawing blanked face people and labelling parts for my Mandarin lesson on Monday. xD
I'm gonna spend tonight typing up a Simon Says sheet in Mando now too. LOL.
The kids are gonna go mental.

I at least know what my parents are doing. =D

Bought them two tickets to Menopause the musical. Hope they enjoy it! <3>//<


Also, currently interested in attending the following cons...
Sydney Supanova (might holiday there for a week too)
Perth Supanova (most probably not though)
Melbourne Animania (might holiday there for a week too)

They all coincide with either my 2 week July break or my 2 week Easter holiday...
What are the chances I can fly over? *cross fingers*

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Thursday, February 05, 2009

You're not a teacher until...

You've confiscated phones, dished out detentions...

And stopped fights in the class.

YAY for such an exciting Math lesson this afternoon.

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